Kleen - Services


From small boutiques and shop floors to large malls, warehouses and distribution centres; our services and well trained cleaners cater to all retail businesses and the tasks commonly associated to those environments to include both high level and low level cleaning which ensures that your staff can operate effectively in a clean environment only enhancing health and safety.

Kleen - Services

Fitness & Leisure

Whether you run a leisure centre, gym or yoga classes, we are very familiar with the levels of sweat released in the pursuit of fitness and wellbeing, and level of cleaning required to maintain a hygienic and well sanitised environment that your clients and members rightfully expect at each visit.

Kleen - Services

Food & Beverage

Restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars! We understand the strict regulations associated to the cleanliness and hygiene of environments where food and drink is served. Cleaning areas such as kitchens, tables and sticky floors, our cleaners will ensure your business never ends up on Bristol’s “Zero Hygiene Rating” list... Ew!

Kleen - Services


Every commercial business set-up is unique, which is why our tailored cleaning rota's are created to cater to your specific cleaning needs. From keeping your car showroom sparkling to your care or nursing home cosy and clean, perhaps even giving your neglected workspace a good ol’ deep clean to get it back up to a great standard, we can handle it all!


Kleen - Great staff
Great staff

Our cleaners are all well trained, vetted, reliable, trustworthy, and rewarded with incentive schemes to ensure a great attitude to working and high standards of cleaning at every visit

Kleen - Supervision

We leave nothing to chance and make no assumptions. All work carried out is supervised, monitored and checked allowing outstanding levels of services to be maintained

Kleen - Communication

There's no worse feeling than needing to reach your cleaning providers only to have to wait days for a response. In short, we'll never allow that to happen and believe communication is key

Kleen - Quality control
Quality control

We use checklists, monitoring and scoring systems to make sure that a consistently high standard of cleaning is maintained. We stay on top of this so that you don't have to

Kleen - Flexibility

We understand that as your business evolves and grows your cleaning requirements may change. Our "can do" attitude means that we are always willing to adapt